Enterprise Technology & Solutions

Server Computing

Whether it is a small & medium business need, mid sized branch to remote connectivity need, Application and Database need, Mission Critical as well as Business Continuity…. Our Server Computing solutions portfolio covers the entire range.

· Tower Servers

We often find many of our customers grow in their business and along with their business growth they suddenly come into a predicament on their I.T. Infrastructure. This is a common phenomenon and our experience in this type of situations help the first time Server buyers to have absolute peace of mind in their transition period from Desktops to Server based computing.

· Rack Servers

Optimization, scalability, reliability, performance, efficiency etc are the need of the hour in the industry today which is always looking at Dynamic Computing Infrastructures with ease of use. Rack servers are highly optimized and tested to run for specific tasks. Simple and easy to configure, these servers can be engineered for use in various industry verticals. These servers are highly scalable in terms of compute, memory and storage enhancements. Rack Based Servers help in 2 major factors in todays scenario to all the customers no matter the size of the customer which is namely Real Estate ( Space Saving ) & Energy-efficiency. The space needed for I.T. infrastructure is a major concern among all class of clients today, customers are constatntly looking at maximum utilisation of space along with reducing electricity costs and enhancing the budgets.

· Blade Servers with Blade enclosures

24/7/365 availability with no Downtime, High Availability, High Scalability, High Energy Efficiency combined with Manageability Features & ease of deployment are the key features of Blade Servers which are also Modular in design.

Armed with our esteemed partnerships with HP, IBM, and CISCO. We can, today offer choices that will help run your businesses most cost effectively with optimized ROI. You can bet on us, based on our over 16 years partnership with OEM’s like HP, coupled with our own 20 years of experience in providing Installation, warranty and Managed services, to manage your IT Infrastructure, leaving you with ample time to plan and grow your Core business.

Storage Solutions:

The Experience & Expertise of our certified & highly capable team helps in assessment, sizing, design & deployment of storage solutions ranging from JBOD disk arrays, DAS, NAS, SAN to HPC-SAN storages.

Data storage by product category:

· Disk Storage Systems: Disk Array (Enterprise SAN), Modular Array (entry level SAN), IP SAN, DAS/J-BOD, Storage Blades, and NAS solutions.

· Disk Backup Systems: Virtual Library Systems, D2D Backup, Removable Disks

· Tape Drives : LTO, DAT, Simple to fully Automated Tape Libraries.

· Back up and Archival Solutions

· Virtualized and Unified Storage Solutions

· Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

We completely understand that the Storage requirements of different customers would vary from case to case. From a simple Back Up solution to enhanced storage requirements, we have strong partnerships with varied vendors for storage and backup solutions including HP, NetApp etc. Based on your business needs we can help you choose the right solution that suits your business growth best.

On The Enterprise Solutions Front :

Servers : HP, IBM

Storage : HP, Netapp

Networking : HP, Cisco, D-Link

Security : Symantec, McAfee, Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper

Virtualization : VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft, Red-Hat